Guidance for Canadian experts – with a little help from the USA?

You might be interested in the 2nd annual Expert Witness Forum in Toronto later this month.  The two day conference is being held at the Marriott Bloor Yorkville on February 28nd and March 1st.

The speakers cover the standard topics of interest to experts in half and three quarter hour talks for a total of about 11 contact hours in the two days.  There’s also a panel discussion, a round table, a case study and a keynote speaker on the agenda.  And lots of networking sessions and refreshments:

  • Expert report writing
  • Peer reviewing reports
  • Mistakes experts make
  • What lawyers look for in experts
  • Preparing experts for cross-examination
  • Principles governing communicating with experts
  • How technology is impacting expert witness testimony
  • A judicial assessment and a legal practitioner’s views of expert witness testimony
  • Using expert evidence in arbitration

The speakers come from the judiciary, law firms, ADR firms and firms providing related services to the judiciary process.

There’s no indication of take-aways and handouts but I would look for something on these important topics as they reflect Canadian practice.

I’m pleased to see such a forum in Canada emphasizing the way it is here.  SEAK Inc. and Expert Communication Inc. in the USA have been holding conferences and workshops for the guidance of experts for decades.  Much of their extensive literature is applicable in Canada.

I have about five of SEAK’s texts covering the listed topics above including the massive, 560 page, 8″ x 11″ second edition, 2014, How to Write an Expert Witness Report.

Hopefully, the conference in Toronto later this month will also reference what has been going on in the USA and bridge to a wealth of information there for Canadian expert witnesses.

You can see the complete agenda and register at the following site:

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