A Bundle of Blogs: Investigating slip, trip and fall accidents

It was time to bundle these blogs together if for no other reason but that I’ve had two trip and fall accidents now – Blogs #1 and #3 in the following list. I got invaluable insight and experience from each of them. My accidents were due to two different causes, and I wasn’t one of them.

There are many elements in these accidents as evident in Blogs #4 and #5 that must not be forgotten. But all forensic investigations start with a simple visual assessment during a walk over of a site and a preliminary report on cause.

I’ve also got the feeling lately that there are many slip, trip and fall accidents that we don’t hear about. Some where there are liability and claim issues and others where no one’s at fault except possibly the person who fell.

I fell twice in a couple of other falls as a result of standing on my dog’s lease lying on the ground. I did this one time to keep her from running off and the second time I didn’t know. She suddenly took off both times chasing something in the forest and down I went. No pain except to my pride.

  1. My personal slip, trip and fall accident, #2. Posted February 26, 2023
  2. The humble pig rises to new heights in a heart transplant, and a forensic investigation of a slip and fall accident. Posted January 11, 2022
  3. My personal slip, trip and fall accident, #1. Posted September 2, 2021
  4. Experts, Litigants, Insurers: Beware! There are dozens of parameters that could be investigated at slip, trip and fall sites. Posted February 18, 2021
  5. What does an engineering expert do at the scene of slip, trip and fall accidents? Posted February 5, 2021
  6. Categorizing slip, trip and fall accident locations. Posted April 30, 2019
  7. Getting evidence in slip, trip and fall accidents and building failures with video taken from a drone. Posted August 9, 2018

(Posted by Eric E. Jorden, M.Sc., P.Eng. Consulting Professional Engineer, Forensic Engineer, Geotechnology Ltd., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. March 6, 2023 ejorden@eastlink.ca)   

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